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Inconvenient History 2015: The Year in Review

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By Richard A. Widmann.


Readership explodes in 2015!

The year 2015 was another great year for free historical inquiry. On our primary website, users were up 23.87% from 69,635 in 2014 to 86,254. We also experienced an 18.76% increase in page views from 201,536 to 239,400. Readership remains largest in the United States. The next three runners up were Great Britain, Germany, and France.

For the technology-minded the most used browsers to access our site were Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and the Android Browser. Access by mobile devices was up 82.22% – so an increasing number of people are reading revisionist truth on their smart phones.

The top ten most read articles were:

  1. “The Jewish Hand in the World Wars” by Thomas Dalton with 12,271 views.
  2. “The Great Holocaust Mystery” by Thomas Dalton with 11,075 views.
  3. “Reexamining the Gas Chamber of Dachau” by Thomas Dalton with 5,925 views.
  4. “Adolf Hitler’s Armed Forces: A Triumph of Diversity” by V.K. Clarke with 5,345 views.
  5. “Dr. Mengele’s Medical Experiments on Twins” by Carlo Mattogno with 4,262 views.
  6. “Demystification of the Birth and Funding of the NSDAP” by V.K. Clarke with 3,366 views
  7. “Churchill, International Jews, and the Holocaust: A Revisionist Analysis” by Paul Grubach with 3,075 views
  8. “The Lethal Liberation of Bergen-Belsen” by Joseph Bellinger 2,913 views.
  9. “The Jewish Hand in the World Wars, Part 2” by Thomas Dalton with 2,489 views.
  10. “On the Avoidability of World War One” by Nicholas Kollerstrom 2,302 views

While none of these articles were published in 2015, the readership of these articles once again demonstrates the power of Web publishing. Most print journals do not get much readership of articles from prior years. By far, our most popular columnist is Thomas Dalton who took 3 out of 10 of our top spots including the top 3 most read articles. He is joined by V.K. Clarke, Carlo Mattogno, Paul Grubach, Joseph Bellinger, and Nicholas Kollerstrom.

We also added to our print catalog by publishing Volume 6 our hardcopy annual edition. This huge revisionist tome clocked in with a whopping 616 pages.

We are more popular than ever on Twitter. Our Inconhistory page now has 680 followers — up from 483 followers in 2014.

Finally of course, we announced that CODOH is now the publisher of Inconvenient History rather than History Behind Bars. We continue to hope that the new relationship with CODOH will benefit both organizations.


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