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Remembering Bradley R. Smith

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By Richard A. Widmann.

Bradley R. Smith: (18 Feb 1930 - 18 Feb 2016)

Bradley R. Smith: A Simple Writer (18 Feb 1930 – 18 Feb 2016)

On Thursday evening, 18 February 2016, I glanced at my email on my phone. The subject of a newly received message struck me like a lightning bolt. “Bradley RIP” was all it said. It wasn’t that it was entirely unexpected. Bradley had been ill for many years, fighting off heart ailments, cancer, and even a bullet to the head during the Korean War, but somehow it seemed that Bradley would always be among us.

I first became aware of Bradley in the late 80s. I had discovered him a couple of years after my introduction to Holocaust revisionism. I knew of him through his book, Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist and the work that he did for the Institute for Historical Review.

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