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The Importance of Anne Frank

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By Richard A. Widmann and David Merlin –


Revisionists should embrace the teaching of The Diary of Anne Frank

The story of Anne Frank and her family is well-known through the diary bearing her name. This tragic tale is frequently used to counter Holocaust revisionists. The details of the story are often forgotten or replaced with assumptions regarding the fates of Anne Frank and her family. The facts of the story actually support the revisionist view of the Holocaust. The teaching of The Diary of Anne Frank should be embraced by Holocaust revisionists and all who care about learning the truth of what really happened to Europe’s Jews during the Second World War. The popular media version of the Holocaust would have us think that almost all would be gassed upon arrival at the “death camps” and especially Auschwitz.  While perhaps a few very strong Jews might be utilized for manual labor, all children, the elderly, the sick would surely be murdered as part of a program of extermination.

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