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Inconvenient History Annuals available for purchase

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By History Behind Bars-

Inconvenient History Annuals

London’s Big Ben behind barbed wire, as if time itself were imprisoned.

Inconvenient History is an on-line quarterly journal dedicated to the free investigation of historical matters of the 20th and 21st centuries.  Providing our journal for free to readers via the Web helps us to expose myths and falsehoods of our recent history to the greatest number of people.

For those who prefer to own hardcopies of our journal, or to simply support Inconvenient History financially, we offer softbound annual editions for sale.  We now have four annual volumes available starting with Volume 1 which collects all of our issues from 2009 up to Volume 4 from 2012.  Each volume is a virtual encyclopedia of myth-busting articles, commentary and reviews.

While there is no doubt that Inconvenient History has a special focus on the Second World War and the “smotherout” of real history surrounding the Holocaust.  In fact, Inconvenient History has been called “the central institution of Holocaust Revisionism.”  We don’t like to be limited however in the topics that we cover. As such our columnists have addressed inconvenient truths regarding World War One and the Middle East as well as matters of free speech and American interventionism.

Each annual volume is jam-packed with several hundred pages of revisionist truth.  These valuable references belong in everyone’s personal revisionist libraries.

All four volumes are available through

For more information on the contents of each volume, please see our “Books” page at:

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