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Freedom isn’t free…and neither is historical truth

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By History Behind Bars-

Nagasaki - Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Atomic bombing of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945. An immortalized, abstractive image.

Inconvenient History is now in its fifth year of publication.  We have published over 128 articles of hard-hitting historical truth.  Clearly Inconvenient History (IH) is here to stay, but we can really use your help.

Thousands of people read IH but very few contribute.  Years ago the only way we could publish would be through hardcopy subscriptions.  Subscriptions cost money, and for small publications such as ours we likely need to charge between $50 and $60 for an annual subscription.  But we have chosen Internet publishing instead.  The advantage is that we can reach the largest number of people.  And we do so without charging a dime.

For IH to continue to grow and provide the type of historical research you can’t find elsewhere, we need your assistance.

Your donation now can help pay for our various expenses associated with running our Website.  Today IH thrives based on the hard work and efforts of a small but dedicated band of volunteers.

Consider what IH is worth to you, and make a donation today.

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