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Second communiqué about our answer to MM. Harrison, Myers, Muehlenkamp, Romanov and Terry

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by Carlo Mattogno, Thomas Kues and Jürgen Graf

On 12 March 2012, we announced that our answer to the paper “Holocaust Denial and Operation Reinhard”, which was authored by the five above-mentioned gentlemen, would be ready by August or September, 2012. For cogent reasons, those interested in this debate will have to wait for a few more months before we will be able to publish our answer. While J. Graf finished his contribution to our reply some time ago, C. Mattogno and T. Kues are still working on their chapters. In the case of T. Kues, this is due to the fact that he is reviewing important material about new archeological investigations at Sobibór.

The comrade who translates C. Mattogno’s chapter from Italian into English can only partially cope with this task so that we will have to find a second translator (both J. Graf and T. Kues, who could basically do this job, are overburdened with other work). For all these reasons, it is quite possible that the five gentlemen from “Holocaust Controversies” will have to wait until late autumn before experiencing the pleasure of being utterly humiliated and unmasked for what they are.

C. Mattogno, T. Kues, J. Graf

18 August, 2012

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