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From state induced emigration of Jews – to evacuation – to the alleged mass murder.

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By Wilfried Heink-

A while back I was made aware of a book by Rolf Vogel: “Ein Stempel hat gefehlt” (One rubber stamp was missing). The book, published in 1977, highlights the efforts made by various German officials to help Jews escape from what has become known as “Nazi Germany”. Vogel, the son of a German Father and a Jewish Mother, starts his narrative by writing that just a few days following his Fathers death, sometime at the beginning of September 1939 (no date given), two Gestapo (secret state police) officers knocked at the door, producing a search warrant. His Father had, however, close connections to Hjalmar Schacht, the former president of the state Bank and had given the senior Vogel a letter, stating that if there are threats by the Gestapo to contact him, telephone number provided. Schacht promised that he would do all in his power to help him. Vogel junior showed this letter to the officers, they excused themselves, saying that all must be a mistake, and left.

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