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The Censorship of Inconvenient History

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By Richard Widmann-

The team here at Inconvenient History has just learned that our Print on Demand publisher will no longer print or distribute our Annual editions.  The “Questionable Content Team” at Lulu has informed us that our content and in fact all revisionist writing is “illegal and anti-constitutional” in France and Germany — two of their markets.

While it is likely that some apprentice book burner filed a complaint with Lulu, it is Lulu’s shame that they refused to stand up for free speech.  Today it is not necessary to set bonfires to burn books.  This was highly effective in the early days of the printing press and the years prior when manuscripts were written by hand.  With our technological advances however, we have rushed madly in a direction which empowers the modern day book burners to silence ideas with which they do not agree.

In my editorial from the first issue of Inconvenient History, I noted that Inconvenient History is not for the squeamish and may not leave you feeling very comfortable — but I had hoped that it might cause a few to think for themselves.

When we silence opinions with which we don’t agree, we have chosen dictatorship over freedom.  We have sided with the crowd and against the individual.  Popular speech never needs protection.

The team at Inconvenient History is currently in the process of making our annuals available to you once again.  As soon as the arrangements are finalized, you shall be among the first to know.

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