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A closer look at the Soviet “Extraordinary State Commission” (ESC) which claims to have investigated “Fascist Crimes” Part IV

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By Wilfried Heink-

The forth subchapter in the essay by Marina Sorokina is titled:

Viacheslav Molotov: “It Is Time for the ChGK to Get to Work”.

Sorokina writes that it “took more than four month” to organize the ChGK (ESC) and that on 23 February 1943 a draft “Decree on the ChGK” was send to Stalin. Molotov, in the meanwhile, worked on the “structure of the commission”. The decree of the Central Committee of the Communist Party “On the Work of the ChGK” was approved on 5 March by the Politburo. “On 19 march, Pavel I. Bogoiavlenskii was confirmed as chief secretary of the commission by a decree of the Soviet Council of People’s Commissars; and on 3 April, so were its staff (116 people) and budget.”[1]

Thus, the ChGK (ESC) was finally established: (Read more…)

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