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The Case Against Denis Avey, the BBC, and the British Government

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By Carolyn Yeager


The Man Who Broke into Auschwitz” is the product of a conspiracy to defraud.

Last year, I wrote an article published here about Denis Avey, a man whose newly-released WWII concentration camp survivor story was getting a lot of attention in the British press. In my article, and on my Internet radio program The Heretics’ Hour, I did a pretty thorough job of debunking Avey’s poorly concocted story and explaining the intention of the Yad Vashem Institute and Memorial in Israel to name him one of their “Righteous Among the Nations,” an award they give to Gentiles whom they document as saving the life of a Jew during “the Holocaust.”

Now Avey has come out with a book, The Man Who Broke into Auschwitz, which immediately became a best-seller (so they say) in the UK, but has not been released yet in the U.S. The book is co-written with Rodger Broomby, the BBC journalist who interviewed Avey for the article that started the whole ball rolling. It ran in the BBC online edition Sunday, Nov. 29, 2009.

Because Avey’s basic story has already been thoroughly critiqued by me and others, I will now focus attention on the principals who conspired to create this hoax on the public by building up, even encouraging, the ridiculous tall tales of an old WWII vet. Unfortunately, this is nothing new in the Holocaust Industry, but this should not lead us to believe that familiarity makes it acceptable. It is not. (Read more…)

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