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Two Forgotten Propaganda Lies Anno 1945

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In July 1945 the German-Jewish exile weekly Aufbau presented to its readers two short articles containing propaganda stories so ridiculous and that it’s no wonder they never surfaced again.

The first one concerns the Theresienstadt Ghetto (issue of 6 July 1945, p. 4):

Had the Russians not came…

A letter from Theresienstadt published in the London Times reveals that a German plan to kill all Jews in Theresienstadt in special gas chambers was thwarted in the last minute. According to this letter the construction of the ‘baths’ for the gassing of the interned Jews had already been finished. The doors to these death chambers, however, had to be sent back [to the manufacturer] three times since they did not fit. In the meantime Russian troops reached Theresienstadt. The letter confirms earlier reports concerning the number of Jews who had passed through Theresienstadt, and estimates, that in the years 1942-1943 an average of 150 Jews died daily in Theresienstadt.

Not only are the Germans found in Holocaust lore inhumanely devious and efficient – they are also exceedingly stupid and inefficient. Apparently the fiendish Krauts managed to make these “baths” of death indistinguishable from real baths, because no one has ever since spoken of gas chambers in Theresienstadt.

The second, even more elaborate propaganda story appeared in the Aufbau issue of 13 July 1945 (p. 1):

The Katyn Hoax Revealed

As reported by the bulletin of the Norwegian legation in Washington, ‘News from Norway’, a Norwegian former detainee of the concentration camp Sachsenhausen has now revealed that Jewish prisoners in the same camp were forced by the Nazis to produce forged identification papers, which the Nazis then put inside the clothes of the Polish prisoners which they had murdered and then buried in the Katyn forest. The informant Erich Johansen also told, that the Jewish prisoners who had been entrusted with this work had been killed shortly before the Nazi capitulation.
Thus a legend has been destroyed which has played a large role in international politics during the last months. In its fight against the
[Communist] Lublin government, which has now been recognized by the Allies, the former Polish government in exile in London has not refrained from using the Gestapo-created legend according to which the Russians [killed and] buried thousands of Polish officers and soldiers.

Isn’t interesting how, in the eyes of the Aufbau writers, the results a well-documented excavation carried out by the Germans before an international commission could easily be refuted by the wild claims of this Norwegian former Sachsenhausen detainee?

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