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“Grandson of Auschwitz survivor buys Mengele’s diary”

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On February 4, the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reported the following piece of news:

Dr. Josef Mengele

Josef Mengele[/caption]

The grandson of a Holocaust survivor has purchased the diary of Dr. Josef Mengele, which was put up for sale in the United States, a Connecticut-based auctioneer said Tuesday.

The buyer, an East Coast Jewish philanthropist who remained anonymous, paid an undisclosed sum for the 180-page journal, which he intends to donate to a Holocaust museum, said Bill Panagopulos of Alexander Autographs. […]

Entries in the journal begin in June 1960 in South America, where Mengele found refuge after World War II. They include statements on the need to sterilize people with “deficient genes.”

Mengele, who was notorious for the brutal experiments he performed on camp inmates, outlined in the diary his impressions and thoughts on culture, religion, history and biology, developing the racial doctrine which served as the Nazi regime’s ideological basis.


The real questions are, of course, what Mengele had to say about the alleged mass gassings at Auschwitz, and when his writings are to be made available to public scrutiny.

For more on the Mengele case, see the following review of Gerald Posner and John Ware’s 1986 book Mengele. The Complete Story:

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