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Stangl claimed Bormann to be alive in Paraguay

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A small bit of memory-holed history, lifted from The Milwaukee Journal, Thursday July 20, 1967, p. 2:

Hitler’s Deputy Living in Brazil, Nazi Says

Observer News Service

Vienna, Austria – Nazi war criminal Franz Stangl, now being interrogated in West Germany, has reported that Martin Bormann – Hitler’s deputy – is still alive.
Stangl, extradited from Brazil last month, has also pinpointed the area in which Bormann is to be found – the Brazilian state of Parana, close to the border with Paraguay.
As a result of Stangl’s statements, the West German government has officially asked Brazilian authorities to arrest and extradite Bormann. This is the first time that the German government has officially indicated that it believes that Bormann – officially declared dead in 1954 – is still alive. (Read more…)

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