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Removal of Warning Gas predates Nazi Regime

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By Richard A. Widmann-

We often hear the charge that the removal of the warning gas from Zyklon B was evidence of the homicidal intentions of the Nazis. Inconveniently, the issue of the inclusion or removal of the warning gas predates the Nazi regime.

Those interested in the subject are guided to the U.S. Public Health Reports circa 1931. One finds extensive discussion of Zyklon B as a ship fumigant in the United States and especially in the ports of San Francisco.

In regard specifically to the warning gas we find:

“Both of the warning gases which have been used with liquid cyanide produce a tear effect. The effect of the 20 per cent cyanogen-chloride gas is greater than that of 5 per cent chloropicrin, i.e., lachrimation is much more marked; and it is believed that, on account of the tear effect, a person unfamiliar with fumigation could escape from a small room containing hydrocyanic-acid gas with 20 per cent cyanogen chloride before inhaling a dangerous amount of cyanide.” (July 3, 1931 p. 1575)

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