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The origins of “The Holocaust”, or “How the Holocaust was born”.

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Part I

For the past, say, 40 years, the Holocaust has become more and more “the” crime, is front and centre now. Hardly a day goes by when it is not talked about-, used by politicians as an excuse to make threats, mainly towards Iran at the moment. But strangely, very little was known about it immediately following the war, and I can attest to that having lived at that time in Germany.

During the war years, and as mentioned I lived in Germany then, nothing about any mass killings of Jews was known, a fact that was confirmed during the “Nuremberg Trials”, when the IMT accepted the statement made by Auschwitz commander Höß „…that only about 200 to 300 people knew of that dreadful order of Himmler’s which was given during a conference which lasted for 10 or 15 minutes, on the basis of which more than four million people were exterminated”. (p.65)

Lets leave aside the fact that no order has ever been found, issued by either Hitler or Himmler and Hitler would have been the one to order the mass killings, and try and determine what was known up to May 8.1945 when German armed forces surrendered, unconditionally.
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