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War Crime Propaganda Hoaxes and Historical Silence

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This post is by no means an exhaustive account of propaganda hoaxes by Allied governments relative to World War II. I’ve chosen to point to a couple examples which are illustrative of a problem of a much wider scale. Its main purpose is for the newcomer to holocaust revisionism to understand unaddressed, pressing issues and helps to point to the need for historical revisionism on subjects ignored by ideologically-influenced mainstream publications and researches  who have a bad tendency to ignore inconvenient history, be it regarding the holocaust or other topics.

Mainstream holocaust writer Jean-Claude Pressac spotted what he called a “Soviet put up job” – a clear attempt by the Soviet War Crimes Commission to falsely portray an ordinary delousing chamber in the Central Sauna section of Auschwitz-Birkenau as homicidal in nature. Much credit is due to him for this observation, however he failed to ask a critically important question: If there were real homicidal gas chambers a literal stone’s throw away, why undertake an effort to fake this one? Pressac unfortunately does not appear to ask himself this question and passes over the significance of a Soviet hoax gas chamber with accompanying propaganda photo spread without a second thought. For photos of the faked gas chamber and Pressac’s commentary, see and following pages.

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