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By The Inconvenient History Blog Group-

Why did we choose “Inconvenient History” as the title for our Blog? Allow us to explain.

First, we will concentrate mainly on the history of World War II and the Third Reich, but ideally we should actually go back to 1871, when Germany was united under Bismarck. At that time, and Bismarck realized this, Germany came to be viewed as a threat, and this foremost by Britain. It is not our intention to go into detail about this period of history, but the fact is that this is when the concept of “Convenient History” was introduced. This convenient history consisted of blaming the Germans for everything bad that happened from then on, right up to 1945. German statesmen were the only actors, all others reacted. Lord Vansittart, a high ranking official in the British government who in 1938 became Chief Diplomatic Adviser to the British Government, stated in his Black Record: Germans past and present (1941) that Germany had started five wars, including, of course, World War II. It is within this context that the Holocaust charge came about. While the larger focus will be on the two world wars, it is important to remember that each era is born out of the one before. Thus when searching for the causes of World War II, one should not fail to consider World War I, while looking into the origins of World War I one gains much from studying the period following the unification of Germany. We also hope to present inquiries into problematic issues of the Pacific War and the events preceding it, including Pearl Harbor, the atomic bombings, and alleged Japanese war crimes. (Read more…)

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